We are committed to more love and less waste in the fashion industry. That is why we want our products to have the longest possible life cycle. To make this possible, we offer a rebuy policy that is unique on the childrens’ clothing market: All our items can be returned to us regardless of their condition and whenever you want. We pay back up to 50% of the purchase price as a voucher, clean and repair the garments. We either sell them as refurbished articles at a lower price in our online shop, give them to second-hand shops or donate them. Win-win for everyone!

And it’s easy as that: Download the form here, fill it out and send or bring it with your items you wish to return. We will then check it regarding its condition and provide you with a voucher.

Various criteria will determine the amount on your voucher:



% of original purchase price


Unworn, clean articles with original product hang tag and packaging.



As good as new: Worn items in mint condition. Normal wear and tear, light abrasion due to washing, removable stains or light soiling and in no need of repair.



Preloved: Worn items in need of repair. Show mediocre wear and tear, abrasion due to washing or small stains and/or mediocre soiling.



Rejects: Items beyond repair; severe wear and tear; heavy soiling, big stains, torn or heavily washed items



Please note: You have the right to reject our offer if you’re not happy with our determined choice on the condition of your returned items. (No hard feelings!) In case of rejection we simply send back your returned item(s) without shipping charges. 

And yeah.. no mistake being made. Even in the case of totally worn and torn out items you still receive at least 5% of the original purchased price, just because.. Whoop whoop!

Any further questions? Have a look at our video – or contact us!