Kids boiled wool jacket Purple/Navy (organic wool)

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Color: Purple/Navy

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Our boiled wool jacket from kbT-wool (german standard for organic wool: „controlled organic animal husbandry“) is an instant classic: Protects your child from rain and dirt, keeps you warm from octobre until april and despite that, it looks unbelievably good! Wool also has the best ability of temperatur regulation: Even in summer, it’s comfy to wear without getting too warm. The jacket comes with reinforced elbows for intense romping and a hood with high collar, protecting the neck from wind. In addition to that, snap buttons make it easy for parents AND children to open and close it.

Wool is naturally multitalented: water- and dirtrepellend, antibacterial and odorless! But beware of moths! Use a small bag of lavender to protect your clothes in the closet.

Good to know: The fabric used for our boiled wool styles is a little thicker and warmer than the one from other brands.

If you return this article after wearing, you can get up to 60 € back as a voucher! check here for more information.

Body: 100% organic wool (kbT)

Hood-lining: 100% organic cotton

Made in Germany

Size 74/80 86/92 98/104 110/116 122/128 134/140
Chest Width 34 36 38 40 42 44
Total Lenght 42,5 45,5 48,5 51,5 54,5 57,5
Sleeve Lenght 33 38,5 44 49,5 55 60,5

 in cm

Manitober Size Graphic

    - Animal friendly husbandry
    - No mulesing
    - Easy to clean and repair
    - Water repellent, wind proof, very warm

      Our boiled wool consists of 100% wool, which was produced under animal-friendly conditions according to GOTS. The yarn is made by Suedwolle and is processed in Portugal. The material is washed and mechanically compressed, creating the homogeneous structure. With approx. 550gr/qm our material is almost twice as thick as from other well-known kids brands. Nevertheless, it is elastic and cuddly, repels water or rain and ensures a nice body climate.

      We recommend letting the garment dry if it is dirty, shaking out the dirt, brushing it out and then airing it on a hanger. It is best to wash them in wool settings with a suitable detergent and never hang them on the radiator! Protect it from moths in the closet with a bag of lavender.

      Halfen Strickerei GmbH at Hungeroth, Germany

      This Supplier is a family business in the heart of Hunsrück, Germany, a quiet, hilly region near the river Rhine. In this small, 200-inhabitants town you'll find one of the survivors of the German textile tradition. Halfen is mainly a knitting factory, producing all kinds of knitting fabrics and, that's the special part, also tailoring elaborate garments. Stuffed with knowledge and experience, these lovely people are ready to show the meaning of "made in Germany" again. Get more info through their website.


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